Severn and Somme

Ivor Gurney in the army Young Ivor Gurney

The film tells the story of the Life of Ivor Gurney who was a soldier in WWI. He longed for his beloved Gloucestershire when at war but on return his nightmare of the trenches was set to haunt him. Slowly going mad, he died in a mental asylum, but in his lifetime he was recognised not only as a brilliant poet but also as a musical genius. The film not only explores Gurney’s life but also how the great English composers of his day also had an influence.

Billy Quain (Director, The Arts Programme, BCFM) I very much enjoyed the Ivor Gurney biopic. This is a well balanced and informative piece of filmmaking and I feel closer to the man, his terroir and have been prompted to acquaint myself deeper with his work. Fantastic job.

Colin Cant (BBC Director in Drama) Ivor Gurney as a subject for a film was an inspired choice and this sensitive telling of his tragic story against a background of some of his most poignant music and poetry makes for a most affecting experience.
Graham Lough (BBC Designer) I watched the Ivor Gurney film last night and really enjoyed it. I thought that the actor playing Gurney was particularly good and the selection of images with the poetry worked very well.

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