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Severn and Somme Showings

Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Month February    Year 2013   

Severn and Somme, the life of Ivor Gurney sold out at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival.

Isle of Wight Literary Festival

Day 19    Month October    Year 2013

Severn and Somme was shown at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival 2013

Lichfield festival

Time 10pm    Day 7    Month July    Year 2014

The film Severn and Somme, about the life of WWI poet and musician Ivor Gurney, was shown as part of the Lichfield festival at the Chapter House at 10pm. The Chaper House is part of the cathedral.

St Ives Festival

Month September    Year 2014   

Severn and Somme, a film about the life of first world war poet and composer Ivor Gurney was shown at the St Ives Festival 2014.

Exeter Poetry Festival

Month September    Year 2014   

Severn and Somme was shown at the Exeter Poetry Festival.

Ramsgate Arts Festival

Month September    Year 2014   

Severn and Somme was shown at the Ramsgate Arts Festival 2014 in the Tunnels.

Gloucester Cathedral Chapter House

Time 7:30pm    Day 23    Month January    Year 2016   

Severn and Somme was shown in the Chapter House Gloucester Cathedral on Saturday the 23rd of January 2016. with a recital of Gurney’s Songs Philip Lancaster Baritone , Adrian Partington piano.


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