The Making of Hannah More

The home of Hannah More Young Hannah More Old Hannah More

The script for Hannah More was written in 2011 and  the film is a full length feature film nearing completion. The opening shots were filmed with Hannah as a young girl in October 2011, the location was Blaise Hamlet built by John Nash in the early 18th century. Later scenes were shot at the birthplace of Hannah More in Fishponds, now owned by the Hannah More Trust. Most of the interiors of Park Street School were shot at John Wesley’s early 18th century chapel in the centre of Bristol. The exterior of Park Street School will be shot at the Quaker Chapel at Cleeve. Other locations have included the  Bristol Central library, (Mr Cadell’s office), the RWA, ( Frances Reynold’s studio) and the Old Vic Theatre, King Street, (Drury Lane Theatre with David Garrick)).

The cast has been drawn from the Old Vic Theatre School with Lily Maryon as Hannah More, her sisters by Jo Smith, Katy Moore, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton and Mags Pakula. Clarkson is played by Danann Mcaleer, Burke by Billy Quain, Jon Stonehouse by Jon Yardley, and David Garrick by David Parkes. The part of William Wilberforce is to be played by Frederick Girdlestone. Some 40 costumes, including corsets and hats a have been made by a wardrobe team of volunteers. The technical staff, cameraman, sound and editing are all volunteers, as is the website designed by Jeb Bushell. The film is due for completion this year.  It is estimated the finished film will run for approx 90 minutes. The producer is Anthea Page and the director is Diana Taylor.

The Making of Hannah More trailer from Charlotte Hay on Vimeo.

You can see the costumes here